Friday, September 20, 2013

Derek Jeter DL Trip Ends Season

"Look at me! I want to be provocative so I'm going to write a hit piece Jeter and hopefully get a few clicks!" It is an excerpt of how I felt May 10, CBS Sports piece by Jason Keidel ask whether Derek Jeter should retire? Here I am, do not want to tell you about it, because honestly, I find insulting. After all, this is the Captain's talk Keidel and obviously want to dummies like me to talk about it. Of course, here I am, stupid me, chomping at the bit ... so here it goes ...

Should Derek Jeter retire? That question is based on a hairline fracture in the ankle Jeter that has kept him out since October. Should Derek Jeter retire? I guess Keidel forget about Jeter's rejuvenation last season. You know, the one that occurs after a sports writer wrote of Captain after the 2010 season 0,270. That season was the beginning of the end ... Remember that? Last year he batted .316. Just sayin '. Bleeding Yankee Blue is all that "slump" back in 2010 because it was clear to us that the sports writers did not have a real grasp on the career of Derek Jeter, and Jason Keidel obviously have no understanding of what the captain could still reach in his Yankee career .

Should Derek Jeter retire? Well ... sure ... one day. Over time, each person who is an employee must retire when the time is right, but Derek Jeter is not close to retirement, because, frankly, he's not done.

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